Friday, May 21, 2010

♥trying to learn how to disburden n cherish everythings by holding a mature heart♥

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As i grow older I slowly realize that life is actually very short and very very unpredictable.*Hmmm...actually i knew it earlier d.*One minute u might be here laughing the next minute u might be crying.Or one day u are here the next day u are gone.Seriously u can never predict what lies ahead u.A clean and straight path?Narrow path?A path full of ups and down?Or a path of no return?Some ppl say ur future lies in ur own hand.How true is it?To me,ur life is ady written in a book.If HE wants u to stay u stay if HE wants u to leave any minute u can just leave this place=(...U can even leave this place while u are sleeping.Ur heart just stops.Or u are in ur own house and suddenly an airplane just crash into ur house.Or u are happily hanging out v ur friends and some unfortunate event ll happend.It hurts to lose somone u know and love.So cherish every moment u hv with the ppl around u.Ur family members ,close friends,facebook friends,acquaintance,even ur enemies or ppl u don like.Always must remember to cherish everythings and every moment that u are blessed with.Live ur life v no regrets.Dun make urself to be regret.

The blogger

To someone:

I believe everythings tat u r telling me.I dun care that is lies or not and i dun mind how the ppl said as well!!!I jz will follow my heart to noe the fact n the everythings.Am i idiot?NO...!!!【I can be sure to say to u】...i jz cherish wat i have now n the things around me only.Even though i noe sumthing might impossible ll happend on me again.But~~~happily tat i can face n chat to u with no resentful.We still can chat like nobody else.Remember all the conversation between u n me???i hope u have remembered it all....Besides,finally i can do it well like wat had i promise myself.YES...dis is wat the situation tat i want for n i wish for!!!❤❤❤Lastly,wat i want to say is..imma willingly to be like tat forever n v no regret-ING!!!=D


YOU are the only friend which i NEVER wish to forsake!!!

the very 1st time blogging in the early high huh?!?!
Btw,good morning my dear friends!!! mood is freaking good now*wink*...!!!keep it on...joanne!!!
okay la..hv to stop blogging now...
11am class later....
hv to blow my hair n do my thing 1st(:
Alright...wish u all hv a nice Friday n of course wish me as well=)...!!!xoxo

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